I downloaded it from x plane org, thank you

Update 1.9.3 fixes this issue!

i cant download black or other one, they give me just error. its just came only me ?

Hi, thank you for the notice and details. There is indeed an omission in the script/distrib. A new update is coming in a few to solve this!

Whenever using the version 1.9.2 instead of 1.9.1 it doesn't work, stopping lua. The log file says:

*** Lua stack ***

Number of elements: 1

Element no. 1 is: ...sources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts/rxp-xp12-enhancer.lua:625: Error loading file :C:\Simulation/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts/rxp-xp12-enhancer.ini


There is no such ini-file (as well as when using 1.9.1)

Indeed, that's what I already got figuring out...with GI unchecked bluisch taint is gone but cockpit is quiet dark...some way to adjust this would be perfect...

I was getting a line 625:Error loading file when Xplane started. I reloaded all the scripts and the menu poped up just like in the older versions. I missed the part where i should reload the scripts so everything works fine now. Thank you for the script, have a nice day.

This addon just blows my mind. Once you try this, you'll never be able to fly without it. Kudos to the author for such brilliant work!

Hi, is this the exact message? In any case, I'd suggest you enable the FWL "debug" mode, then reload all scripts, and once the error message shows up, use the FWL menu to save the debug log to file. This should contain more information about this issue, with eventually the script line of code causing the problem if any.

Hello, amazing script downloaded it from day one! The latest update seems to have a problem, whenever i load the sim i get a message that lua is not able to run it. I havent changed anything inside the script and i have downloaded it two times just in case. Can you please check it?

If the effect is too strong visually, you could opt to disable the "Enhance Global Illumination" setting. The script will enhance visuals better than default still, although not as much as with GI, but without these side effects.

Thanks for your quick reply.

The thing is that when I set the Auto-Update IBL option and then reload Flywithlua files the deep bluish color only appears after 2sec. And it is mainly the middle grays like the cockpit,cabin and outside shadows that are affected affected....I saw youtube videos with Reality XP X-Plane 12 Enhancer enabled but not showing these deep bluish taint. I could send you a picture showing that but I see here no possibilty to attach it with this messgae

Hi, when flying at a higher altitude with clear sky, it is possible it gets a little bit bluer, this is an unfortunate (though managed to some extent) side effect of "bending" the limitations of XP12 rendering code. Nevertheless, this can also be exacerbated if the cube map is not updated properly, which unfortunately XP12 is also suffering from. The script is offering the "Auto Update IBL" setting in order to forcefully ensure XP12 is updating the cube map from which it renders/tint the lighting, though this option might induce from light to moderate fps hit depending on your hardware and the complexity of the environment you're flying into.


I get a very blueisch taint in the cockpit whe using RXP XP12 Enhancer, can this be corrected ?

Hi, it looks like the serve is back online!

Hi, it looks like the server is back online!

whenever i load up the game, the game crashes with no error message. i do not know if i did something wrong but to install it i dragged the contents of the mod into the copied a330 folder and replaced things when i was prompted.

Can you maybe do a old lufthansa livery for the a320 ceo if you got some time. I would appreciate it .

Hi, unfortunately all attempts to upload a file end up with a 404 error on x-plane.to servers. I've open a support ticket yesterday.

One of the best aircraft ever created on any flight simulation platform, and hands down the best freeware aircraft ever created for any flight simulation platform.

I focus on general aviation aircraft myself, but I still make a point to grab this aircraft anytime I'm installing the simulator, and fly this anytime I'm looking for a large airliner to fly.

Thank you so much for your work over the years, @Skymatix!

@Doraemon1 It's honestly terrible that even all these months later, you've rated likely the best freeware aircraft ever made for any platform as 0.5 Stars just because YOU refused to read the documentation, or the people who have attempted to help you.

YOU, and others like YOU, are the reason why so many great developers refuse to refuse any freeware aircraft. Why would they when simple people can't read and then want to say their work sucks?

Grow up and actually take the help offered to you, or at least do the right thing and remove your ridiculous review.

Looks amazing! Will this work also with basic version?

I've responded to your private messages with some things to try.

Actually the default sky color itself is perfect

it's gonna be better sir if you make a separate version of lights only with the same sky and clouds

Thanks again for the mod

Thanks for the Mod

but unfortunately I can't save any presets , it is not compatible with rxp enhancer mod.. I can save it only when I remove it

Can u make only light mod without the sky and clouds edit ?

Okay thanks Boet. Waiting for LR ....

Taxi lights for LED variants no longer sites on the nose gear 😉

The official forum is the only place to submit any issues or ask for support. The issues are then transferred to the bug tracker and will be attended to when its time comes. Typically the issues are then measured against the official books or the real pilots comment. Changes will only be made if both agree and if the system is incorrectly modeled.

Andersins gaan niks verander nie.

Onthou ons doen die na ure, nie vir geld nie en die jaar het mal begin met die werk. Ons wag ook nou weer op LR om klaar te kry met goed voor dat ons ook weer kan verder gaan.

I figured out the problem! Within the livery files, the folder containing everything related to the engines is named "CFM" when it should really be named CFM56! It works just fine now! Love the livery, do you plan on making an american airlines livery by chance

I did the A320 ceo myself. everything works just as it should regarding the livery except for the engines. I am using Carda Mods for the 321 on the 320 ceo variant. I don't get why it is specifically that livery because I tried to replace the engine png files with a different one from a different delta livery, and it still did not work. Again it just doesn't make sense why it is specifically your livery that doesnt work because any other livery I use works just fine

Thank You for completing my request, it will get a lot of use!

Quite an interesting problem actually. Did you download a separate aircraft or did you do the A320 CEO yourself?

Thanks for letting me know👌, I'll work on the fix 😊

I'll have a look and see if I can do that for you😊Is it for the A340-200/300?

I have a bit of an issue. the livery works fine but the engine textures/livery colors don't load in. I'm not sure why. I've done the whole ceo mod properly, every other livery I have works just fine, except for this one. Any ideas? I'm using Carda mods for toliss on the toliss A320 Neo

Which a320 ceo mod do you need for this?

Great work! Would be nice to have also the ARG A330-200 Xworks.

Nice livery

It would be nice to see an Air Leisure livery 

Hey nice livery BUT the logo on the winglets are missing maybe you can work on this