excellent work .. can you please make one for MSFS?

Well done !! You are the best 😊

I've been trying to do this all day 😞 I wasn't far away!

Thank you so much

Why would you let that happen?

  1. если бы разработчик зибо делал бы телефоны они бы взрывались при включении

Sweet!! Can't wait to rock these, thanks for the effort!


Est-ce que le HTYI "Saint-Malo" est t-il prévu? Merci par avance!


The issue with this script and the latest X-Plane version is that some datarefs no longer exist or have been deprecated.

The dataref causing the failure is sim/private/controls/fsr/rcas_attenuation

This exists around like ~680 and is used elsehwere in the code.

I've removed this locally and tested that it now works. However, unfortunately there are some additional datarefs that no longer exist which may cause issues.

These are the additional missing datarefs, although they don't cause the script to be quarantined.

rxp_xp12_enhancer_lut: dataref not found new_clouds/shadow_blur_size

rxp_xp12_enhancer_lut: dataref not found new_clouds/shadow_kill_blur

rxp_xp12_enhancer_lut: dataref not found water/enable_refraction

I find no issue with it. Works fine for me. You can just search Zibo install guide and use my official one on the X Plane Org forum please DO NOT use the shared copies they are OLD

Yes you're right, but if the sim dev knew what they were doing, we wouldn't need add on,

They're sure we're still in the 90s.

When I see blurred decord to hide what they are unable to put beautiful....

Water has a horrible, unrealistic color without this script and a lot of other things that have gone wrong again. I really hope we will get the script updated. One of the best things for XP12. Simply must have! PS: Turquoise color of water was actually caused with Auto Control of Water Deep by Visual XP ))

How do we contact the developer? When is this going to be updated?

Hi, thanks 4 the effort. But I have a hard time to install it. I hope there is some guidance on what addons I need to have download first in order to make the scenery usable.

The above link for the Zibo mod Install Guide is not working. Is there an updated link?

Any news on the LevelUP 737NG release for XP12.

Boas, obrigado pelo cenário

I´m having the problem with the road that goes under the runway being on top, I came from MSFS and im new to X-plane but i followed your instructions is there any fix?

Hi, Nice scenery! But I get floating terminal (I use Ortho4XP)

i made a livery with this and when i opened it in xp12 its black with the textures of the paintkit

YUGE update.... Frankly, one of the best Boeings to ever fly the great skies of the United States

Thanks, the way Zibo updates it's almost like a job now. hahahah

Is there actually still a way to download the MaxDesign 737 MAX?

hello, i have just a probelm with engines i have CFM56 5A or 5B and they are not red just like on the picture any ideas how to fix it?

i think when you added the logo to the winglets the wong texture got glitched. there are grey lines below the wings that look like misplaced textures

Yo im lovin g the livery but can u add SAS signs on the winglets??? please, thanks again!

Both, for the very first versions of XP12, but im just about to update it.

This plane has been repainted (PH-AKA) and is significantly different in look now (Jun 2024).

Affirmative or else this scenery wouldn't be here and taken down long time ago

It may be loading preset 1 when you open the menu.

To fix the issue, save your preferred settings to preset 1.

I have a normal pc installtion and renamed the shortcut with "C:\X-Plane 12\X-Plane.exe" --allow_reshade... its work, but after starting x-plane i have ctd

It does work, if you're running on steam make sure you enable this launch parameter: --allow_reshade=0

when I re-open the menu all changes revert back to normal..